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Dreams are something beautiful and cost absolutely nothing! You choose what you want to dream, and what you desire, you can achieve.


You are a part of creation

Thoughts are might

The communication between levels

The answers are in the questions

Faith as foundation


Everything that has been created was once a thought. If we extrapolate from our human existence, we might wonder how the universe might have been created. Everyone can come up with their own philosophy as to that.


Let’s come back to dreams. Thoughts are power, and thoughts are might. Wishes and dreams have their beginnings in thoughts. 

You have the chance to think consciously and to guide your thoughts intentionally. But there’s still the subconscious and unconscious levels, on which you can have influence over your thoughts and feelings. 

What powerful tools you have at your disposal! 


We also have to ask those ‘right questions’ in communication with the subconscious mind and the power of the universe. Only those, who can ask right and exact questions, receive the answers they are looking for.

How can you find and use this fascinating treasure?


It’s simple, with faith. You have to believe that you have this treasure within you and that you can use it.

Believe that you are connected with the fullness and wisdom of the universe. Believe that good will come to you and that you’ll achieve everything that you can imagine intensively and hope for. Believe in yourself and in everything that you create in your thoughts! 

Live your dreams!

  • You are a part of creation

  • Thoughts are might

  • The communication between levels

  • The answers are in the questions

  • Faith as foundation


I close my eyes and just begin to dream. I know that visualisation is the key to changing my energy. The law of attraction is absolutely clear as to what energies attract what. 

With my dreams, I make my the first step, but no desire fulfils itself, without the necessary work getting done. The bigger my goals are, the higher the price that I have to pay for them. If I’m ready to pay the price, then I work on fulfilling them with discipline and with my goal consistently in mind. 

In the end, I also have to be ready to accept the result of my dreams. In thankfulness and happiness, I achieve the goals I’ve set, and right away the next challenges are prepared, waiting for me.


How big are your dreams?

Are you ready to pay the price for them?

What kinds of setbacks should you expect along the way?

How can you resolve these setbacks?

To what extent are you – as a result of your faith and self-awareness – your own friend or your own enemy?

‘Dream, as if you’ll live forever –

live, as if you’ll die today.’

James Dean

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